Isn’t it so long ago that you taught your child to pedal for the first time and it needs a bigger bike again? Even 29 inches? Time is relentless. We know this ourselves, so we know that our range must cover all categories of children’s bikes, including those for older children. And it is for them that our offer includes the Beany ZERO 29, which, like most bikes in the Beany range, brings the lightest children’s bike on the market in the given category with a bike weight of only 9.6kg.

In the category of 29″ bikes, young cyclists behind the handlebars are feeling like at home. They have experience and understand the bike. They will playfully ride up to a hill, overcome uneven terrain, and jump over an obstacle here and there. They go on rides not only with their parents but also with friends. Thanks to the larger size of the wheels, they are able to develop greater speed without much effort. So, you can plan more rugged terrain, longer routes as part of a joint ride, and you may be surprised at how small a cyclist will flood you with his speed. Nine-speed shifting already offers a relatively versatile range of gears, making driving fun wherever you go. Even for ZERO 29, it is still true that it is not just a reduced version of the adult bike. ZERO 29 is a light, comfortable and perfectly controllable junior bike. Super light frame, aluminum fixed fork, special geometry ensuring a healthy and comfortable sitting behind the handlebars, of course, there are also quality components. All this makes the ZERO 29 a great bike for your child that will meet your and his expectations.

We supply Beany ZERO 29 in three colors combinations chosen more universally, we do not differentiate between boys and girls. Each of us has a distinctive taste and it should be respected. We believe that everyone will choose.

In the cycling industry, it is standard to state the weight of a bike without pedals. The weight we state is also without pedals. The SOLELY.JR EXL pedals, which are part of the bike, weigh only 190 g (pair).


We absolutely believe in our products, so we provide a 4-year warranty on the wheel frame and fork, i.e., the most stressed components. The load capacity of the Beany ZERO 29 bike is up to 120 kg thanks to the materials used and their processing.


  • PRIMERNO ZA VIŠINO: 155 – 175 cm
  • TEŽA: 9.8kg
  • OKVIR: Hydroformed double butted aluminium 6061
  • VILICA: Beany alloy 6061
  • ROČKE MENJALNIKA: Microshift ADVENT, 9 R, 1X9
  • MENJALNIK: Microshift ADVENT 9 – Speed
  • VERIŽNIK: Microshift CS-H093 11-42T, 9-SPEED
  • GONILKA: Prowheel Charm alloy 6061, 32T, 165 mm
  • KRMILO: Solely jr. alloy 50mm
  • GRIPI: Solely jr. alloy 640 mm
  • PREDNJE ZAVORE: hidravlične zavore
  • ZADNJE ZAVORE: hidravlične zavore
  • ROČKE ZAVOR: JAK 2 prstové alloy
  • ZADNJE PESTO: YUHUB alloy 32 H
  • OBROČI: Solely jr. alloy
  • PNEVMATIKE: Innova 29 x 1,95″
  • SEDEŽNA OPORA: Solely jr. alloy
  • SEDEŽ: Beany
  • OBREMENITEV: 120 kg
  • ZNAMKA: Beany


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